Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Glimpse of Spring

   Finally, emerging from the long months of Winter! It is with excitement I look forward to the beauty and new awakening of another Spring. While walking in my yard a few days ago I found Tulips about five inches tall and Daffodills scattered about just waiting for a bit of warm sunshine in order to bring forth their blooms. Oh, how the mere discovery of these simple flowers brought a sense of renewal within me. We have had an unusual amount of snow, here in Kentucky, this winter. It has seemed a long wait for days of warm sunshine and the song of Robins in the air.
   As I looked at the flowers found in my yard it was if I were peeking through a cracked doorway gazing into days ahead. I was able to see beyond the lingering days of cool breezes and see the green leaves emerging from the huge Oak in my yard, Bluebirds building nests in their houses on the fence and the cows grazing in their green pasture just across the fence. I could hear the laughter of children flying kites and playing tag and smell the fragrance of Honeysuckle. I had caught a glimpse of Spring, my favorite season, a time of newness and beauty and now it is with anticipation I await its arrival.  I am so very ready for the new season.
   With the thoughts of Spring came also thoughts of Spring Cleaning. Now this is a chore in recent years I had most dreaded and somewhat ignored, in part. This year I came up with a schedule, of sorts, which has helped me get a head start. I hope to be finished before Spring officially arrives. If you find yourself wanting to really get your home clean and organized, yet feel overwhelmed, remember each person and each home are different. For me making a list of all the rooms and areas that needed to be cleaned and deciding how often each task needed to be done was helpful. By dividing the tasks into daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal duties and assigning them to specific days, I had my plan. The first few weeks were taxing, to say the least, for I was way behind on my cleaning. Soon, however, I saw "light at the end of the tunnel". Now with minimal time and effort I am able to wake each morning to enjoy a clean, good smelling home. This has been such a boost and encouragement to my state of mind. There are lots of websites that offer help with cleaning tips and organization. A few that I have found helpful are:,,  

    Recently I had opportunity to read a devotional presented by the daughter of an old friend. It was about "Spiritual Spring Cleaning" and was quite inspiring. Applications were offered comparing all the dust and dirt accumulated in ones home after months of neglect to the "spiritual" dirt and ugly clutter we allow to pile up within our spirits. I am reminded of Psalm 51:10 "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me." As I ask the Father to point out areas in my life that need to be "cleaned out", he is faithful to do so. Just as in keeping a clean home requires some daily work it would stand to reason some time be devoted daily to spending time with the only one who can create within us a clean heart. As we read his Word, and seek his guidance through prayer our spirits will begin to shine with His radiance. A Happy Spring to all my friends.