Wednesday, March 27, 2013

While Waiting For Spring

     It is March 27th as I look out at the partly cloudy sky here in Kentucky. In February I eased my severe bout of "cabin fever" by reminding myself that very soon it would be March and Spring would be here. Well... now near end of March the "fever" lingers still. I think we've had more snow during March than during the whole winter season. Now granted we've had no more than an inch at a time, still the weather has been cold, cloudy and wet. I am so very ready for warm sunshine and blooming flowers to brighten the landscape here.
     As I have tried to use these days of dreary weather in a positive way time has been taken to do some reading, a hobby I love. Last week a friend at the library suggested a book, which I reluctantly checked out. The title," The Insanity of God" didn't really appeal to me at all. In fact I thought, what a strange title. The book has proved to be one of the best I've read in a very long time.

     The story begins with a young man in rural Kentucky, which immediately appealed to me since I live in just such a place myself. Nik, the fellow in the story is preparing to graduate high school and plans to attend the University of Kentucky to study veterinary medicine. A short time before graduation Nik's father finds a job for him which will help with school expenses. During the summer the young man encounters a change that will impact his life forever.
     If you are happy with "religions" status quo believe me, this book is not for you. If however, you sense that there must be something more, I can assure you this book will have a positive impact on your life as well. Nik Ripken, not the writers real name, begins his walk of faith in simplicity. Almost twenty years later he finds himself discouraged and with some seemingly hard questions for God. The answers to his questions come only after he travels around the globe and meets with many people who have powerful stories to tell. They also have some questions for him. I challenge you to read this account in which names and places have been changed, truly to protect the innocent.
     May you be blessed on your path as I have been while reading this story.