Thursday, September 2, 2010

Late Summer Days

     Another beautiful day here in Kentucky, starting with a spectacular sunrise. The warm sunlight along with a gentle  breeze is perfect for being outside. This morning I was reminded in Colossians 3:2 "Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth." In looking around me I ask that my affection not be mis-directed. It is so easy to hold onto our possessions tightly even developing a bit of pride in them without realizing it. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing "wrong" in having nice things. It is just that when these "things" become more important in our lives than "Thy will be done" or even than our families they become a problem.
    Back to the lovely outdoors... and it was there I found our swimming pool with fallen leaves covering the floor, much neglected. Since the cool evenings began the water temperatures have kept me out of the pool, just can't take the cold. Even my four year old grandson, Matthew, decided it was "too cold". So this morning I faced the dreaded task of vacumning and cleaning the pool for shut down. The salt water filter my husband installed this year has kept upkeep to a bare minimum so I sure can't complain. Each Fall he has taken the pool apart and stored it for Winter. If anyone has had success in keeping theirs up all year I'd love to hear about it. That would save him a lot of work.
    Due to dealing with RA and some other health issues which have progressed I find myself currently on a path which has included retiring my nursing license last year. After twenty-six years that was a dramatic event for me. For any of you who deal with chronic illness you know how hard it is to come to accept the fact that you can no longer do all the things you used to do, at least I have had to deal with that fact. I can't say it has been easy. Although I have worked very little during the past seven years, I never wanted to admit I could no longer keep up. I am learning to slow down and more fully enjoy life around me. I can honestly say I have seen more sunrises and sunsets the past two years than in all my life. I have also read many dozens of books to my grandchildren, watched lots of Elementary Basketball, and Little League Baseball Games. I have sat in the swing talking with my husband and we have gazed at the stars many nights and wondered at God's creation. Life is good. No matter where you are along your path, I hope you will make the time to enjoy your life.   


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